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If you want to dramatically increase your 2023 high ticket sales, then join us for the

IROC High Ticket Sales Challenge

5 Day Virtual Event

February 20th - 24th

General Admission 6pm - 7pm EST / VIP Admission 6pm - 8pm EST

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Are you a Coach or Consultant that wants to consistently sell High Ticket offers?

Dear Friend,

Less than 5 years ago I was a depressed, newly unemployed, recently disabled wife and a mother. I had no formal business education, and lacked any idea of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I happened upon the idea of starting a small self care business where I sold handmade soaps, bath bombs, oils, ect.

Through my first entrepreneurship journey I discovered a gap in the market for people just like me that had massive gifts, wanted to help others, wanted to bring in “real money”, and wanted to live life on their own terms.

From there IROC Marketable Business Solutions was born. A place for small business owners without formal business education being able to get affordable products and resources to help them start, run, and scale to 6 figures, and more importantly live the life of their dreams.

One of the most difficult skills a new business owner needs is to master the art of SALES.

If this is where you are, this challenge is the place you need to be. Learn how to Attract, nurture, and close consistent sales with your perfect client.

Enjoy an engaging and value packed 5 days as we dive into the world of small business sales for coaches and consultants.

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5 Day Challenge Breakdown

Day 1

Set up your signature product

Day 2

Attract and build a community of your target audience

Day 3

Lead perspective clients to your offer

Day 4

Execute sales calls

Day 5

Sale like a boss

In the past year have you struggled to land consistent High Ticket clients?

It's hard to know what systems to use and the right words to say to attract and land clients.

Through the 5 days we will be together get a detailed workbook, homework assignment to implement you learning materials, and *small group Q and A (VIP Only) to set up your sales system around your signature High Ticket offer.

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The ABCs of A 6 figure Business Academy 

The best group coaching program to teach you how to build a successful 6 figure business!

This program is for Coaches and Consultants wanting to make an impact and increase the revenue and profit margins significantly in 6 months or less.

  • Do you have a coaching or consulting business?
  • Do you have expertise in a specific field?
  • Do you get people from where they are to where they want to go?
  • Do you have a product or service to provide?
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What included:

5 days of one hour instruction by your host Cori Fonville Foster DTM

Interactive Workbook


Daily homework assignments

Access to challenge Facebook event group

General admission $27


Extra one hour daily for Q and A in a private zoom room


Bonus Scripts/ Templates

30 min strategy session with your host Cori Fonville Foster

VIP Admission $97

Meet the Owner

Cori Fonville Foster DTM

Transformational Speaker | Certified Business Coach Trainer | CEO of IROC Marketable Business Solutions

Meet Cori Fonville Foster, best known as the Confidence Builder. Cori works with Coaches, Consultants, Companies, Organizations, and more as they and their community struggle to unlock their full potential.

Cori has worked with over 100 different businesses from all over the country ranging from solo entrepreneurs to major multi 6 figure businesses with over 100 employees. Through her proven ARC Method Cori was able to identify their specific challenges and empower them to overcome them by unlocking the potential they already had.

Signature Framework:

ARC Method: Having clients take small Actions which yield Results that lead to having more Confidence in their business or work; aiding them to take more massive actions which will lead to massive results.

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  • VIP will get login information for the private zoom room along with bonus materials.
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