IROC Youth Program Lead

Lakeshia Fonville Whitehurst

Short bio of your passions around the topic of youth and what you aim to do. I am a disabled veteran with a desire to serve my community. I have a passion for connecting with middle and high-school-aged children to provide them with basic financial knowledge and life skills that I wish I had learned early in my life which could have prevented many of the difficulties I found myself in needed of overcoming.

Mission/vision statement

What is the goal of these programs make it specific. Through our youth development program, we aim to empower thousands of underserved youths to become responsible citizens and obtain the tools needed to acquire generational wealth.

Quote: You have the power to unlock your potential.

Take control of your finances before they take control of you.

Learn the basics of financial management to make sound decisions

You are a boss: Entrepreneurship is within your grasp.

Learn the ins and outs, the ups and downs of Entrepreneurship.

Leaders Gonna Lead.

Leadership skills are not just for the office. Learn to use your leadership skills in any situation.

Workshops (90-minute workshops think schools, churches, and children's organizations):

These should be interactive, make sure to give it a name (we can change if we need to) Also think about the age range as well. Have things for at least middle and high school)

  1. Middle School
  2. High School

Programs (4 weeks to one year): give a brief description

These are just suggestions to get you started

Financial literacy:

Learn the basics of money management

Goal Setting:

Learn tge key to setting achievable goals

Career Exploration:

Dive deep to discover what you want and how to get there

Self-esteem bootcamp:

Confidence is key

Unlock your voice:

Speak to be heard and understood


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