Automate with Email Sequences: Avoid Spamming and Warm Leads with Value

Jun 08, 2023


Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your audience, but it's important to use it strategically to avoid spamming and alienating potential customers. One effective approach is to automate email sequences that provide value and build relationships with leads. In this article, we'll explore how to use email sequences defensively and offensively, the types of sequences you can use, and how to automate them for maximum impact.


What Type of Plays Are You Running?

Before we dive into email sequences, it's important to consider your overall marketing strategy. Are you playing defensively or offensively? Defensive marketing includes tactics such as social media, your website, your podcast, and your blog. Offensive marketing includes emails, text messages, phone calls, ads, and speaking at events. Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to find the right balance for your business.


Defense Marketing:

Defensive marketing includes tactics that attract and engage potential customers, such as social media, your website, your podcast, and your blog. While these tactics can be effective, they require a lot of effort and may not always convert leads into paying customers.


Offensive Marketing:

Offensive marketing includes tactics that actively reach out to potential customers, such as emails, text messages, phone calls, ads, and speaking at events. While these tactics can be more direct, they can also be perceived as spammy and intrusive if not used strategically.


Special Teams:

Special teams include lead magnets email marketing. Lead magnets are free resources such as e-books or webinars that attract potential customers and capture their email addresses. Email marketing includes both broadcasts and sequences, which we'll explore in more detail below.


Broadcasts vs Sequences:

Broadcast emails are one-time emails that go out to your entire email list. These emails can be effective for announcements, updates, or new content alerts. Sequences are a set of emails that a particular audience will go through, usually automated and triggered by an action. Sequences can be more effective than broadcasts for nurturing leads and building relationships over time.



Automated emails are triggered by a specific action, such as a purchase, form submission, or newsletter signup. These emails can include transactional emails, confirmation emails, and lead nurturing sequences.


Welcome Sequence:

A welcome sequence is a type of automated email sequence that welcomes new subscribers to your email list, introduces your business and brand story, acknowledges their needs or wants, provides your best content, and offers helpful resources. A welcome sequence should include a soft sell approach, building trust and relationships before making a direct offer.


Product and Event Sequences:

Product and event sequences are a type of email sequence that promote a particular product or event, such as a product launch or webinar. These sequences should include information about the product or event, the benefits of attending or purchasing, and a clear call to action.

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