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Carly Pepin

Human Behavior Specialist

Carly Pepin is an International Speaker & Consultant specializing in human behavior. She travels the world to share the message that no matter what your story, line of work, or where you’re from, all people struggle with their own perceived flaws, personally and professionally. It's how you use that story that ultimately defines whether or not you live a fulfilling life. She has dedicated her life to master human behavior and teach others to do the same. How to see beyond the surface and tap into the core essence of who you are. Uncovering the deeper issues that prevent you from creating a life by design instead of a life of duty


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Crunch Ranjan

Chief Content Creator

Crunch is a conversion copywriter and content creator for changemakers and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact with the money and influence they have in their business. A firm believer that we need more diversity, equity, and inclusion in our communities, Crunch helps like-minded business owners harness the power of words to get their message heard by a wider audience and create a bigger impact in the world. Crunch's superpower is writing snazzy blogs and articles, and turning the monologues you've been doing on Facebook/Instagram Live into a summoning spell that magically conjures up your ideal clients and appeases the Google gods. Originally from Singapore, but now a self-described global citizen, Crunch has traveled to over 50 countries and lived in a variety of places including Thailand, Portugal, and Mexico. In her free time, Crunch can be found traipsing the world in search of new people, cuisines, and experiences.


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Jen Harrison

Professor, Writing Instructor, and Published Researcher

Dr. Jen Harrison is a highly experienced dissertation coach. A PhD herself, she has coached and supervised first-generation, ESL, and non-traditional students in the UK and USA for more than 10 years. Many of them have achieved first-class degrees.

Dr. Harrison offers support in writing, research design, motivation, and research methods. She specializes in helping you achieve your dissertation and career goals quickly and easily, so you can feel confident and supported moving forward.


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Mishelle Thorpe

Instagram Coach

Mishelle is an international speaker and heart-centered coach who has built two successful online businesses with over 90% of her paying clients coming from Instagram. As a speaker, she has shared the stage with powerhouse leaders like Jack Canfield and as a coach, she has worked with hundreds of women solopreneurs, teaching them how to master authentic Instagram marketing strategies that attract the perfect leads on Instagram without ads, awkward dancing videos, or complicated content.


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Nicole Elliott

Conversion Copywriter & Messaging Strategist

Nicole Elliott is a conversion copywriter & messaging strategist who specializes in human-sounding, non-salesy sales copy for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She began her writing career in academia, but got sick of its painfully dry, stuffy, drainedof-all-personality approach to writing.

She found copywriting (and the chance to write like a human!), and never looked back. Today, she cooks up copy with her 3-Step Human First Messaging Approach to help clients nail down their brand voice, capture their audience's actual words with extensive "Voice of Customer" research, and strategically blend the two together for copy that connects and converts.

When she's not writing for clients, Nicole is probably getting lost somewhere on the globe (she's visited 70+ countries & territories and lived in half a dozen), learning languages (she speaks somewhere between 3.5-5, depending on the day and on how much coffee she has had), or teaching the occasional English as a Second Language class.


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Nina Macarie

Visibility Expert

NNina Macarie is a visibility expert helping female entrepreneurs get more visibility and connect with dream clients through podcast interviews. She is the creator of the P.I.T.C.H. podcasts framework, helping clients pitch themselves to the right podcasts with ease and confidence in an authentic way. After sending hundreds and hundreds of podcast pitches and also seeing what kinds of pitches are put out in the world, Nina knows exactly what elements to include in a successful pitch. Not only did she get amazing feedback from her successfully booked clients but she also impressed the podcast hosts to whom she pitched.


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Simone Moreau-Rodgers

Certified Business & Life Coach

Simone is the marketing coach for ambitious coaches and consultants who want to book more sales calls and have their best clients coming to them already a hell yes ahead of time! This level of marketing is 50% mindset and 50% strategy and 100% fun.

She is am a tenured marketing professor who teaches graduate students marketing and digital marketing strategy.

Plus, She has over 18 years of digital marketing strategy and was the Head of Marketing for a tech firm, driving brand, leads and customer experience.

She LOVES marketing and thinks it is what makes business building so much FUN.

That is why she has taken her expertise, passion and experience and turned that into a fully booked coaching business.


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Suzy Wraines

Entrepreneur Coach

Suzy is an Entrepreneur Coach working with women leaving a medical career to start an online business. She has over 10 years combined of medical experience with both human and veterinary. It took her almost 6 years to figure out how to start her online business after leaving her medical career. She now helps women by sharing what she learned so they don't have to struggle like she did. She works with coaches and consultants to write a business plan as the foundation before they start a business.


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Tiara N. Riley


HR Professional & Life Coach

Tiara has been working in Human Resources for over 15 years and offers her services to small business owners unable to afford full-time staff. She offers the full life cycle of HR support, but on an hourly basis to help small business owners minimize costs and only pay for what they need. 




Linda S. Carrington

Here at Diversified Strategies Business Support Center, we are dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs. Currently, we serve over fifty small businesses across the Hampton Roads area. 

Founded by Linda S. Carrington in 2010, our focus has always been the small business owner. We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and even employee relations. 

We want business owners to know that they are in business for themselves, not by themselves. 


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