Becoming A Magnetic

Mar 30, 2020
You can achieve anything you truly desire. The Law of Attraction is about getting all your ducks lined up in a row. What are your ducks? They are your conscious beliefs, your unconscious beliefs, your outlook, your emotions, your energy and focus.
“Manifesting is a lot like making a cake. The things needed are supplied by you, the mixing is done by your mind and the baking is done in the oven of the universe.”
― Stephen Richards
If you want to bring something into your life you must have absolute faith that it will arrive. The most successful people have an unshakeable belief in their ideas and themselves. They “know'' that they will succeed. The Law of Attraction is about getting into that knowing state. While it sounds simple on the surface, sometimes it can be a bit harder to put into practice. As human beings, we can get in our own way at times. We need to line up our conscious thoughts to our unconscious beliefs. Our subconscious soaks up everything like a sponge and takes everything literally, so your subconscious is being programmed all the time. You feed your subconscious beliefs through the books you read, the TV you watch, the conversations you have with others, and most importantly by the things you say to yourself. You can choose what you want to feed your subconscious; positive thoughts, words, and images. It’s up to you.
So, how do we practice the Law of Attraction to bring us business success?
First, we have to become crystal clear about what we truly desire. This can take a little digging to refine our wishes. We can’t just say I want to be rich. That is a very generic statement. Think about what being rich means to you. Does that mean $50 dollars in your wallet, $5,000 in your checking account, or $5 million to retire on. If you would like to grow your business, you could say something like I would like to make $100K by the end of 2021.
It is important to be specific because you want to bring your subconscious mind on board. Let it work on your behalf to come up with novel ideas and solutions. The Universe will meet you halfway - that means that you must move in the directions of your dreams with laser focus before they start moving towards you. You want to get your subconscious to help bring you to that meeting point.
Once you know what you want you must visualize it. Create an image in your mind of what you want. Give your dream as many details as you can to make your image as sharp and clear as possible. Now, gradually practice sharpening that image in your mind.
This is where vision boards can be helpful. Search images online or cut out pictures from magazines and glue that onto a board. Choose words that match your goals. For example, you could cut out images of money and add them to your board. Then add words like money, rich, millionaire to your vision board. Put your vision board somewhere you will see it throughout your day. A vision board gives you a place to focus.
It is helpful to turn your wishes into a personal statement that you repeat frequently while you are trying to achieve your goal. You could say something like, “ I am a successful business owner who makes $100K per year.” Your job is to repeat this statement as often as possible until you believe that it’s true. Say it out loud, say it silently to yourself, you could even write it down. This is something you should practice non-stop until you and your dream meet.
Another helpful technique is to practice being grateful for what you receive. The difference is that you will constantly say thank you before you ever get what you want. You could say, “I am so grateful for all the money I receive.” Remember, your subconscious believes whatever you tell it - so tell it you are already rich. It will do everything in its power to help you make this reality true for you.
Letting go.
The final step in drawing success to yourself is not to hold onto your dream too tightly. Don’t smother it by constantly checking its progress. Let it out into the world and let it breathe. Be patient and trust that everything will work out for you.

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