Get That Course Sold

Jun 01, 2023


As a small business owner, creating a course can be a powerful way to generate revenue and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. In this article, we'll explore the key steps to creating a course that will sell and provide value to your audience.


Offer: Course:

Before creating a course, you need to decide what you'll offer and at what price. A course typically includes 3-6 modules with video and copy, as well as bonuses such as resources to download or quizzes. Prices can range from $97-$597, depending on the value and depth of the course.


Course Landing Page:

To sell your course, you need a course landing page that effectively communicates the benefits of your course and persuades potential customers to enroll. A course landing page should include a main headline and supporting headline, a clear and unique selling proposition, the benefits of what you're offering, images or videos of your course, social proof, results, a guarantee (if no social proof), a reinforcement statement, a closing argument, and a call-to-action (CTA).


Email List:

To promote your course and nurture leads, you'll need an email list. A webinar follow-up on your offer with a time-sensitive discount can be an effective way to convert leads into paying customers. A welcome email for course enrollees with next steps is also essential, as well as an email sequence to nurture leads with 5-10 emails over 30-45 days. You can also offer the same course at different prices, as well as future offers, to keep your audience engaged.


Private Community:

Creating a private community for course enrollees can be a powerful way to provide value and build relationships with your customers. You can use a platform like Facebook groups to create a community where members can share insights, ask questions, and connect with other small business owners.



Creating a course for small business owners can be a powerful way to generate revenue and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. To create a course that sells and provides value, you need to define your offer, create an effective course landing page, build an email list, and create a private community for your customers. With these steps, you can successfully create and sell a course that helps small business owners achieve their goals.

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