Goal setting for the busy woman Entrepreneur:

May 11, 2023


As a busy woman entrepreneur, it can be challenging to set and achieve goals while juggling multiple responsibilities. Procrastination and inactivity are common obstacles that can hinder progress toward our goals. However, there are tools and strategies we can use to overcome these challenges and make progress toward our goals. In this article, we'll explore the IROC Law of Momentum and the TIMES Method as useful tools for goal setting.


IROC Law of Momentum:

The IROC Law of Momentum is a simple yet powerful concept that can help us make progress toward our goals. It states that we are always moving towards or away from our goal, depending on the actions we take. The more action we take in the right direction, the faster we will move toward our goal.


To apply the IROC Law of Momentum in goal setting, we need to break our goals into small, manageable steps and consistently take action toward them. For example, if your goal is to launch a new product, you can break it down into smaller steps such as conducting market research, developing a prototype, and creating a marketing plan. Then, you can take action towards each step, no matter how small, to keep moving forward.


TIMES Method:

The TIMES Method is another useful tool for goal setting that can help us overcome procrastination and inactivity. It is an acronym that stands for Take action, Initiate great habits, More hands make light work, Excel with consistency, and Speed over speed bumps.


Let's break down each element of the TIMES Method:


Take action: The first step towards achieving our goals is to take action, even if we're not sure we're doing the right thing. The key is to start somewhere and adjust our course along the way.


Initiate great habits: Building strong habits can help us make progress toward our goals, even when we don't feel motivated. For example, if your goal is to exercise regularly, you can create a habit of going for a walk every morning or doing a quick workout before starting your workday.


More hands make light work: Seeking help and support from others can make a big difference in achieving our goals. This can mean hiring a virtual assistant, outsourcing tasks, or collaborating with others who share our vision.


Excel with consistency: Consistency is key to achieving our goals. We need to show up every day, even when we don't feel like it, and keep taking action toward our goals.


Speed over speed bumps: Finally, we need to expect and prepare for obstacles along the way. We can't let setbacks and challenges derail us from our goals. Instead, we need to learn from them, adapt, and keep moving forward.



Setting and achieving goals as a busy woman entrepreneur is no easy feat, but it is possible with the right tools and strategies. The IROC Law of Momentum and the TIMES Method are two powerful tools that can help us overcome procrastination and inactivity and make progress toward our goals. By taking consistent action, building strong habits, seeking help and support, staying consistent, and overcoming obstacles, we can achieve our goals and create the business and life we desire. Remember, the journey toward our goals is just as important as the destination. Let's enjoy the ride and keep moving forward!

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