If I Can Do It So Can You

While sitting in traffic on the way to work have you ever thought, "I would rather be my own boss and work from home"? I know there were many times I thought that. I thought life would be so much calmer and quieter. I could see myself being so happy and productive at home. But then life hit (hard). I had to leave the workforce and find some other way to support my household. At the time I had a young son who was just starting school and was having a difficult time adjusting. So now I was starting my business while deciding to homeschool my son. Talk about jumping from the frying pan to into the fire! I jumped headfirst. It took a lot of trial and error (and some tears of frustration) to find a system that worked but I finally found a balance between being a wife, mother, teacher, and business owner. And I still manage to take a little time for myself. Don't believe it can't be done and don't think you have to go at it alone. I can help you avoid some of the struggles I endured as you work to get your business up and running.

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