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Transformational Speaker | Certified Business Coach Trainer | CEO of IROC Marketable Business Solutions

I'm Cori and I help companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs learn how to unlock their full potential to change the quality of their lives.

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About Cori

Meet Cori Fonville Foster, best known as the Confidence Builder. Cori works with Coaches, Consultants, Companies, Organizations, and more as they and their community struggle to unlock their full potential.

Cori has worked with over 100 different businesses from all over the country ranging from solo entrepreneurs to major multi 6 figure businesses with over 100 employees. Through her proven ARC Method Cori was able to identify their specific challenges and empower them to overcome them by unlocking the potential they already had.

ARC Method: Having clients take small Actions which yield Results that lead to having more Confidence in their business or work; aiding them to take more massive actions which will lead to massive results.


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Featured Topics and Descriptions

Blindsided Not Sidelined: Unlocking Your Growth Mindset

All Presentations available in person, virtual, and hybrid


Mindset will make or break you in every area of your life. In this keynote presentation, the audience will be guided through the realities of how their inner thoughts manifest the realities of their current situations. Together we will work through skills that will increase their understanding and assist in them being able to take massive actions with confidence. Using my ARC Method participants will get unstuck and unlock their potential.


  • Obtain awareness of strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities to have a clear understanding of where they are
  • Own the realities and consequences of Imposter Syndrome and negative self-talk
  • Gain transparency into what truly matters and how that impacts day-to-day life
  • Charting a clear course ahead for success

Step Into the Spotlight: Unlocking the Leader within


In this time of uncertainty and flux, great leaders are needed more than ever. Even the most seasoned leader is having to go beyond the ideas of business as usual and learn new skills to encourage, motivate, and guide their teams. In this presentation, we will dive into the understanding of servant leadership while brushing up on foundational leadership skills, and learning to navigate the “new normal”.


  • Reimagine what can be vs. trying to reclaim what was
  • Learn to lead more confidently through uncertainty
  • Realize what needs to done to thrive in the "new normal"

From Problems to Profits: Unlocking Selling with Confidence


Selling is an art. Even with the most helpful product or service, one can be left feeling like a used car salesman when it comes to closing the deal. Through this presentation, participants will be able to confidently sell their signature product or service with the understanding that their audience needs what they have to offer.


  • Reframing the understanding that selling is a service
  • Acknowledging pain points as a way to close sells
  • Focusing on the target audience’s needs over our wants

Superman vs Batman: Unlocking Marketing with Confidence


Taking a page from the comic books, one could argue that Batman is better than Superman or vice versa. Who is better is not really the issue. People will connect to those who best embody their values and sense of self. In this presentation, we will take this understanding into the business world as we learn how to identify our target audience and how best to connect with them with confidence.


  • Pinpoint your specific target audience
  • Clearly identify pain points and solutions
  • Clarify messaging for marketing

We are different: So What! Unlocking your star team


In this polarizing world, it is often easier to see our differences versus what we have in common. In this workshop, teams will shift their thinking around differences being a positive addition to the success of a team. Teams will work together to identify and solve mutual problems using the star qualities of every member.


  • Participants will cultivate a safe inclusive environment for their team to flourish
  • Participants will unite to overcome a collective struggle
  • Team leaders will use leadership skills to guide their team to success using learned devices

Amazing Things Happen Outside Your Comfort Zone

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  • Selecting a keynote speaker is a huge responsibility. This speaker can make or break the success of an event that you have been planning for months.
  • Whether we are discussing leadership, marketing, selling, mindset, or team dynamics; Cori’s stated goal is to make you look like a ROCKSTAR!



  • Cori Fonville Foster is a sought-after transformative speaker. Cori often speaks on leadership, team dynamics, mindset, marketing, and sales.
  • Your audience will find her captivating and engaging. An experience with Cori goes beyond motivation and feel-good content to ideas with practical application that provide a strategic advantage, with a few laughs along the way.



  • Cori is a Transformative speaker for conferences and corporate events. Her dynamic style and customized topics are designed to encourage healthy team dynamics, individual mindset shifts, marketing and sales strategies, and transformational leadership skills building. Cori provides solutions, not just talks.



  • We partner with you to ensure that your event hits the mark. Our efforts to create a phenomenal experience begin weeks in advance. We work diligently to understand your goals and your expectations so that we can provide the right boost for your organization.


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