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With over 4 billion daily users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, no one can say that a small business can afford to NOT be on social media. Bottom line, if you are not on the net you don't exist. Let IROC Marketable Business Solutions take the guesswork, stress, and strain away from you connecting with your target audience on a consistent basis with quality branded material.


Social Media Management

Discover our tailored social media management packages that are designed to skyrocket your brand's online presence, engagement, and growth. Whether you're looking to supercharge your social media strategy, harness the power of engaging videos, or achieve consistent results over time, our packages cater to your unique needs.

Who is our Done-for-You Social Media Management For:

Our Done-for-You Social Media Management packages are designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, consultants, and individuals who understand the power of a robust social media presence. If you're eager to enhance your brand's visibility, engage your target audience, and drive consistent growth, our packages are tailored to cater to your unique needs.

Who our Packages are Not For:

Our packages may not be the best fit if you prefer a hands-on approach to your social media, wish to manage your social media internally, or have an established in-house team dedicated to social media management. If you're seeking sporadic, one-off services, rather than comprehensive and ongoing management, our packages may not align with your goals.

Benefits of Our Done-for-You Social Media Management:

  • Strategic Consistency: Enjoy a steady stream of high-quality content that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience, maintaining a consistent online presence.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Elevate audience engagement through well-crafted posts, captivating visuals, and interactive elements, creating meaningful connections.
  • Time Efficiency: Free up your valuable time to focus on core business activities while our experts handle your social media management seamlessly.
  • Expert Insights: Benefit from strategic advice and insights from our experienced team, ensuring your social media strategy remains up-to-date and aligned with industry trends.
  • Audience Growth: Attract and retain your target audience with tailored content, leading to increased followers, brand loyalty, and potential conversions.

Our Process

Elevate your online presence with a POPULAR process that takes your social media strategy to the next level. Get in touch with us today and let's start transforming your digital landscape.

Our Process

Elevate your online presence with a POPULAR process that takes your social media strategy to the next level. Get in touch with us today and let's start transforming your digital landscape.

P - Prepare for Success: Begin with a FREE Consultation where we delve into your goals, brand, and target audience, setting the foundation for your social media journey.

O - Opt for Your Package: Choose the Package that perfectly aligns with your needs and aspirations, tailored to your brand and audience.

P - Personalized Onboarding: Embark on a seamless Onboarding experience, where we gather insights to ensure a deep understanding of your brand's voice and essence.

U - Unveil Your Strategy: Together, we craft a comprehensive Planning strategy, outlining content, visuals, and videos that resonate with your audience.

L - Let Creativity Flow: Our team springs into action, creating captivating Copy and Graphics, while our video experts edit your content if you opt for video services.

A - Approve and Collaborate: We share our work with you for approval and collaboration, ensuring that every piece is a true reflection of your brand.

R - Ready, Set, Post: Once approved, we seamlessly Post your content, saving you time and ensuring your brand stays active and engaged.


Discover the power of a strategic social media presence with our range of expertly designed packages. Crafted to cater to various needs, budgets, and goals, each package is a stepping stone to amplifying your brand's digital identity.

30-Days of Marketing support

(Only Available Once)
Amplify Your Brand's Visual Identity Perfect to Jumpstart Your Social Media Presence

  • 30 Branded Graphics to showcase your unique identity

3-Month Marketing Package

A holistic approach to consistent online engagement. Perfect for establishing a strong online presence and connection with your audience.

  • Daily Social Media Posts to maintain audience engagement
  • 1 Branded Flyer per Month to promote your offers in style
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call for personalized insights
  • Social Media Checklists and Banners to streamline your efforts

3-Month Marketing Package with Videos

Elevate your engagement with the dynamic power of videos. Ideal for captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impact.

  • Daily Social Media Posts to keep your audience engaged
  • 1 Branded Flyer per Month for visually striking promotions
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call to refine your approach
  • Social Media Checklists and Banners for organized efficiency
  • 15 1-Minute Edited Reels to create a buzz around your brand

6-Month Marketing Package

Experience prolonged engagement that sets you apart. This package empowers you to maintain a strong online presence with strategic insights.

  • Daily Social Media Posts for sustained audience interaction
  • 1 Branded Flyer per Month to keep your promotions captivating
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call for continuous refinement
  • Social Media Checklists and Banners for a streamlined process
  • BONUS: Strategic Social Media Insights for informed decisions

6-Month Marketing Package with Videos

Combine the charm of videos with consistent social media interaction. This package keeps your audience engaged and excited about your brand.

  • Daily Social Media Posts + 15 Edited Videos for versatile content
  • 1 Branded Flyer per Month for visually impressive promotions
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call for tailored guidance
  • Social Media Checklists and Banners for enhanced productivity
  • 15 1-Minute Edited Reels to infuse dynamism into your content
  • BONUS: Strategic Social Media Insights for a data-driven approach

Annual Social Media

A year-long commitment to a robust online presence. Unveil your brand's potential with strategic consistency.

  • Daily Social Media Posts for unwavering audience interaction
  • Unlimited Flyers for versatile promotions
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call for continual refinement
  • Social Media Checklists and Banners for Efficient Management
  • BONUS: Strategic Social Media Insights for informed decision-making
  • BONUS: FREE Tickets to All IROC Virtual Events for networking and growth

Annual Social Media with Video Editing

Embrace the power of video storytelling in your brand's journey. Engage, inspire, and captivate with this comprehensive package.

  • Daily Social Media Posts + 15 Edited Videos for diverse content
  • Unlimited Flyers for limitless promotional opportunities
  • 30-Minute Monthly Strategy Call for personalized guidance
  • Social Media Checklists and Banners for seamless management
  • 15 1-Minute Edited Reels to add dynamism to your storytelling
  • BONUS: Transform with Engaging Video Content
  • BONUS: FREE Tickets to All IROC Virtual Events for enriched networking

Experience the transformation of your brand through purposeful social media strategies. Choose the package that resonates with your goals and embark on a journey to captivating digital engagement.

90 Days of Clarity

Gain crystal-clear insights into your business's marketing landscape with our exclusive 90 Days of Clarity package. This comprehensive offering is designed to bring focus and direction to your marketing efforts, ensuring every step aligns with your goals.

Package Highlights:

  • Pre-Audit Consultation Call: Let's dive deep into your aspirations, challenges, and target audience to lay the foundation for a tailored plan.
  • Comprehensive Brand Audit: Our experts meticulously review your brand's digital presence, identifying strengths, opportunities, and areas for enhancement.
  • Post-Audit Strategy Call: We walk you through the audit findings and present a powerful 90-day marketing plan that capitalizes on your brand's unique strengths.
  • 90-Day Tailored Marketing Plan: A detailed roadmap outlining actionable strategies to elevate your marketing efforts.
  • 90 Branded Posts for Social Media: Handcrafted content that resonates with your audience, boosts engagement, and reinforces your brand's identity.
  • BONUS: 3 FREE Flyers: Elevate your promotions with eye-catching flyers, perfectly aligned with your branding.

Seize the opportunity to gain clarity, refine your strategies, and propel your business forward. Invest in your success with the 90 Days of Clarity package. Reach out to us today and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

 Ala Carte

PDF Creations


Professionally designed ebooks to showcase your expertise and provide valuable content to your audience.

Checklists and Guides

Create visually appealing and informative checklists and guides for your audience.

Lead Magnets

Craft compelling lead magnets to attract and capture leads on your website.


Visualize complex information with eye-catching and informative infographics.

Reports and Whitepapers

Design data-rich reports and whitepapers to share insights with your audience.


Elevate your promotions with eye-catching flyers. Our designs capture attention and boost engagement for your events, offers, and more.


Highlight achievements with elegant certificates. Our designs add prestige to awards and recognition, making every milestone special.


Organize events seamlessly with clear and visually appealing agendas. Ensure participants stay informed and engaged throughout


Enrich workshops with interactive workbooks. Our creations guide participants through activities, notes, and insights.

PDF Misc

Diverse content, from guides to research papers. Our PDF Misc range caters to education, resources, and references.

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Graphic Design

Social Media Graphics

Create attention-grabbing graphics for your social media posts, promotions, and events.


Craft a distinct visual identity with our logo designs. We create logos that encapsulate your brand essence, leaving a lasting impression.

Marketing Collaterals

Design brochures, flyers, and business cards that represent your brand consistently

Web Banners

Design banners for your website, email campaigns, and online advertisements.

Course Slide Deck Creation

Enhance your presentations with captivating slide decks. Our designs combine aesthetics and clarity, elevating your content delivery.

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Web and Landing Page Development

*Hosting and domain not included

Custom Website Design

Develop a fully customized website that reflects your brand identity and engages your audience.

Landing Page Creation

Craft conversion-focused landing pages to promote products, services, or event

Website Revamp

Transform your online presence with a website revamp. We'll modernize your site's design, functionality, and user experience, ensuring it aligns with your brand's evolution.

Website Maintenance

Offer ongoing support, updates, and maintenance to keep your website running smoothly

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Copy Support

Website Copywriting

Create engaging and SEO-friendly content for your website's pages, ensuring clear messaging.

Email Campaigns

Write persuasive email copy that drives engagement, nurtures leads, and promotes offers

Sales Pages

Craft compelling sales page copy that persuades visitors to take action and make a purchase.

Blog Posts

Develop informative and relevant blog posts that showcase your expertise and resonate with your audience.

Video Scripts

Write scripts for promotional videos, explainer videos, tutorials, and more.

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Video Editing

Editing and Enhancements

Enhance video quality, add graphics, captions, and transitions to make your content stand out.

Webinar Editing

Edit and polish recorded webinars to create professional on-demand presentations.

Social Media Shorts

Create short and engaging video clips for your social media platforms.

Video Intros/Outros

Design branded intros and outros to add a professional touch to your video content.

Promo/ Commercials

Elevate your brand with professionally edited promotional videos and commercials. We'll enhance your content with dynamic visuals, compelling storytelling, and polished production, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

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Virtual Moderation

Ensure the success of your online events and webinars with our expert virtual moderation services. From managing discussions to engaging participants, we'll handle the technical and interactive aspects, allowing you to focus on delivering a seamless and impactful presentation.

Lead generation

Supercharge your business growth with our comprehensive lead generation services. We'll delve deep into your target audience, meticulously curating a list of potential clients that align with your business goals

Social Media Audit

Is your social media strategy delivering the results you desire? Our Social Media Audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your current online presence. We'll uncover what's working, what's not, and pinpoint opportunities for growth.

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