Why IROC VAs Are the Cream of the Crop

Our Virtual Assistants Love What They Do Since our inception, IROC VAs has built a reputation as a go-to firm for quality virtual assistance. That's why top-tier assistants opt to work with us, preferring our team over other alternatives.

Our VAs relish the flexibility we offer, empowering them to employ their extensive skills while enjoying the comfort of working from home. This flexibility also allows them to balance their careers with their personal lives successfully.

In return, our assistants are self-motivated, content with their roles, and fiercely committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

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IROC VAs: Where Expertise Meets Dedication.

"A truly exceptional assistant can conjure 'mini-miracles'—

that's our standard at IROC VAs. Our team is trained to tackle challenges, inject creativity, and consistently perform tasks that bring immense value and time-savings to our clients.

Our exhaustive selection process is designed to pinpoint not just qualifications, but also extraordinary skills and character traits. We are so stringent in our criteria that only 2% of candidates make the cut. Those who do come on board boast an average of 10-15 years of distinguished experience in notable organizations.

We're not just an agency; we're a family. Many of our VAs have been with us for years, proving the robustness and mutual respect of our working relationships."

What Sets IROC VAs Apart

Character and Attitude

Essential Traits

Our VAs exhibit exemplary qualities, including superior problem-solving abilities, dependable accountability, and unwavering reliability.


Every VA undergoes evaluations that assess vital characteristics such as integrity, a positive outlook, a balanced ego, and the ability to assert oneself appropriately.

Professional Background

Educational Credentials

Each assistant's educational background is scrupulously examined; a college education is generally favored.

Relevant Experience

A minimum of 6-10 years of related experience is a non-negotiable requirement for joining our distinguished team of VAs.

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Our Rigorous Selection Process: Step-by-Step

When it comes to recruiting the best virtual assistants, we're meticulous and comprehensive. Our selection process comprises seven crucial steps:


Initial applications are carefully screened to match our stringent criteria.


Candidates undergo specialized tests to evaluate their skills and aptitude in relevant tasks.


A comprehensive assessment follows to gauge problem-solving abilities and core competencies.


Personal interviews further ascertain the suitability of the assistant in terms of character, experience, and adaptability.


All credentials, references, and experiences are thoroughly verified for authenticity.


Once selected, the assistant goes through an in-depth on-boarding process to align them with our methods, systems, and client expectations.


Continuous performance monitoring ensures that our VAs are always at the top of their game, ready to serve you better each day

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